Dog Ear Wax – Causes and Cleaning Solutions

Just as humans do, dogs make ear wax. Should there be a reason that your dog is producing excess ear wax, or perhaps if the ordinary clearance is somehow blocked or inhibited, then manual elimination might be required. If you're having this problem, you should look into getting an ear wax removal solution like Epi-Otic on [...]

how to kill fleas

How To Kill Fleas Yourself

Flea infestation at home is a widespread issue during summer. The odds are higher if there are pets in the house. Fleas initially attack the pet's furry coats and gain entry into the house thereafter, they spread rapidly, all around the place. In fact, fleas can invade the whole house in a short amount of [...]

The Best Automatic Litter Box for Multiple Cats

As you know, keeping up with multiple cats and their bodily habits can be a time consuming process. There are a few possible solutions, including using a larger litter box, or multiple litter boxes, but those options both still require you to constantly scoop. An automatic litter box that can keep up with your cats [...]

What Is The Best Inexpensive Vacuum For Pet Hair?

Anyone with a pet knows that keeping up with the hair can be a full time job, especially if it's shedding season. Something else we all know is that some of the vacuum cleaners designed for cleaning up pet hair can be very expensive. What we're going to look at here is not the best cheap [...]

Types of Siamese Cats

Siamese cats had their roots in Thailand which was formerly known as Siam, hence the name. They are among the most recognizable breed with the distinct dark face, ears or paws, coloring, angular head and sleek fur coats, apart from their electric-blue eyes that point inward towards the nose. There are several variants or breeds [...]

A List of the Different Types of Cats

House cats or domestic cats are a group of carnivorous mammals that fall in the Felis species. There are different types of cats and they are usually classified based on their personality traits, such as ears, shape of the head, pattern of coat, color and many more. Some cat breeds are identified with long tail and [...]

How To Choose The Best Canister Filter

Do you know that running an aquarium in your home is aesthetically pleasing as well as a conversation starter? Aquarium maintenance and also caring for your fish needs some of the research as well as a financial investment. It is very important to choose the best and also the right filters for the aquarium in [...]

The Different Types of Pet Birds

There are hundreds of different types of pet birds that have varying personalities, characteristics and traits. If you are interested in owning a pet bird, here is a list of common pet birds that do not require highly experienced owners. Canaries are small pet bird known for their beautiful singing abilities. They weigh between 12-28 [...]

How To Kill Fleas In The House

Fleas are wingless creatures with mouth parts adapted for piercing and sucking blood. To add insult to injury, the presence of fleas in your home has been known to bring flea-borne illnesses and complications that arise from their bites. As such, the possibility of you cohabitating your home with these deadly creatures not only is [...]

How To Kill Fleas Naturally – 5 Natural Methods

Fleas are itchy, irritating and annoying parasites that can invade your home through your pets. Fleas infest cats and dogs, and can also jump onto humans and start sucking blood. Once fleas began multiplying, getting rid of them can be hard. The following tips on how to kill fleas naturally without harming young children and [...]