Types of Siamese Cats

Siamese cats had their roots in Thailand which was formerly known as Siam, hence the name. They are among the most recognizable breed with the distinct dark face, ears or paws, coloring, angular head and sleek fur coats, apart from their electric-blue eyes that point inward towards the nose. There are several variants or breeds [...]

A List of the Different Types of Cats

House cats or domestic cats are a group of carnivorous mammals that fall in the Felis species. There are different types of cats and they are usually classified based on their personality traits, such as ears, shape of the head, pattern of coat, color and many more. Some cat breeds are identified with long tail and [...]

The Best Automatic Litter Box for Multiple Cats

As you know, keeping up with multiple cats and their bodily habits can be a time consuming process. There are a few possible solutions, including using a larger litter box, or multiple litter boxes, but those options both still require you to constantly scoop. An automatic litter box that can keep up with your cats [...]

5 Popular Types of Cats

The feline qualities of a cat make it one of the most graceful of all domestic animals. This is why it passes as one of the most homely as well as trustworthy of pets. Just like any other species, this one also has different breeds, each with traits that make it distinct from one another. [...]