A List of the Different Types of Cats

House cats or domestic cats are a group of carnivorous mammals that fall in the Felis species. There are different types of cats and they are usually classified based on their personality traits, such as ears, shape of the head, pattern of coat, color and many more. Some cat breeds are identified with long tail and hair while others have short tails and hair; some are usually handled with ease but others require much time to settle. Likewise, there are some types of cats which do not shed – meaning that they don’t shed any hair completely or only a small quantity – and others shed a lot of hair. This list will include both pure domestic cats as well as cats that are hybrids of domestic and wild cats.

Types of Domestic Cats

Abyssinian –  These breeds form part of the most popular short haired cat breeds that have distinguishing thick coat colors. The cats are active, intelligent, lovable and playful with a lengthy, muscular and strong body, and thin legs and feet.

American Bobtail – A natural bobtailed cat whose size is between medium and large. It is athletic and well-muscled with a countenance that displays power.

Balinese – These cats produce allergen proteins which cause few allergenic reactions.

Birman – They are semi lengthy-haired with pure white toes as well as thicker heavy ruff on the neck. The cats are active, intelligent and calm with medium long and stocky body plus a wider round head.

Chartreux – This cat has broad shoulders, robust body and deep chest. All these are complemented using the medium short and finely boned legs. French literature depicts it as an expert mouser.

Cornish Rex – These cats build up oil on the skin, therefore requiring frequent baths. They are better pet choices for individuals with allergies.

Devon Rex – It’s a small size and a suitable pet for homesteads with a smaller living space. At full growth, its weight ranges between 6.5 and 9 lbs. They have big eyes, very big ears and short and curly hairs.

Egyptian Mau – This is the only original breed of the domesticated cats having different colors such as blue, black and silver. The cats are compassionate, intelligent and playful and could be great pets.

Javanese – Are hypoallergenic cats with medium lengthy coat. The coats never mat in an easy way and the absence of the undercoat causes a few allergens.

Lambkin –  It is a hybrid of Selkirk Rex cat and Munchkin dwarf cat. They are few and small sized.

Maine Coon – This cat breed is long haired and originates from America. It has a gentle disposition, higher intelligence and is quite lovable.

Miniature Cats – The cats are quite small and rare. They are normal cats which are downsized through selective breeding.

Minskin – It is a new breed of cat with hair on the ears, face, legs, tail and nose while the body has a limited hair cover. The cat is loyal, playful, affectionate and intelligent.

Munchkin – Its size ranges between small and medium with a 2-4 kg weight after full growth. It features short legs as a result of natural mutation.

Ocicat – This wonderfully spotted cat breed is a heart and a show stealer. It bears the features found in dogs and has a complete devotion towards its owners.

Oriental Shorthair – These cats need regular grooming to maintain the cat’s dander level low.

Persians – It forms part of the most famous cat breeds. Because of their sweet and gentle personalities, they are able to adapt to every household.

Ragdolls – These are brief haired cats which are easier to teach as compared to other cats. They are calm, well mannered, sociable and loving and able to bond very well with the owners.

Russian Blue – They form part of the hypoallergenic cats. No clear reason is attributed to its hypoallergenic feature.

Rusty Spotted Cat – It is a small sized cat. Its body length is between 14 and 17 inches with the tail and head adding around 6-10 inches.

Siamese Cats – These are short haired cats with hardy compact body and a triangular head. They feature blue eyes as well as abnormal coat pattern. The coat gets lighter near the neck but darkens in other body parts like tail, face or ears.

Singapura – These are small sized cats. Their origin can be traced to Singaporean streets and they have ticked, short sepia coats with a silky touch.

Skookum – A hybrid cat with curly hair and short legs, developed during the 1990s. Its personality is on the athletic side.

Sphynx – These cats are free of the allergens. They are not entirely non-allergenic since the allergen is found in the saliva and not in the hair.

Siberian Cats – The cat features a longer coat though it’s a little bit hypoallergenic when compared to others.

Turkish Van – These are lovable, playful and smart cats with a pure white coat and a coloring on the heads and tails. They are semi lengthy-haired cats with thick, stronger body, slightly tilted eyes and long bushy hair.

I will keep working on this list of the different types of house cats and will eventually have them all linked to their own individual pages with more information. If I’ve forgotten your favorite kitty, let me know in the comments!

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